Get your Slinger Blue Ticket!


If you need the CPCS Blue ‘Competent Operator’ Card then you’re at the right place!

A QCF Qualification Level 2 Slinger | Signaller will give you the skills needed to prove your competence and help you advance your career to the next level.

 Making money  CPCS blue card Enhance career

Get more job enquiries and earn extra for being a fully qualified and competent Slinger. Many Employers will now only accept

Blue Card Holders! 

Split the cost of your NVQ over 3 months.


Approximately 3 month assessment time – Nationally recognised QCF Level 2 Qualification to turn your Red Card to Blue.

Registration cost is included in the 1st instalment!


Enhance your career or workforce and stand out from the crowd with Simpleducks.  All assessments are carried out on your sites by competent, industry qualified assessors and we get the qualification done quickly!



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Why join us?

    • Fully trained and competent instructors
    • Competitive cost at £575.00 + vat.  Split the cost over 3 months!!
    • Areas include London, South Coast, South West, North West, Manchester, Teesside & Newcastle Upon Tyne.
    • Quick delivery of the NVQ – We want you finished within 3 months MAX!
    • Evidence requirements – Witness Statements, photographs, Lifting Plans and briefing sheets, Toolbox talks, professional discussions and us observing you slinging & lifting.
    • Pain and hassle free by Simpleducks!

How we work!

    • You can call us on 02089988825 to discuss your requirements, urgency and your current work location.  We will want to know that you are working with Cranes and that you will receive support from your Supervisor, Crane Supervisor or Manager whilst we undertake the NVQ with you.  Remember, we work with you on your qualification and don’t just leave you pulling out your hair with a set of questions full of NVQ jargon!  We want you done and dusted!
    • Once we have agreed any specific requirements with you, we will send out via post your registration documents – this is purely to save time (however, we will check over these documents when we are with you).  We will also write to your Supervisor, Crane Supervisor, Appointed Person or Manager requesting some witness testimonies.  Don’t worry on this as we will provide them with a template to complete so its easy!  Just the way we like it!!
    • We will also send you and your line manager a list of evidence that we need to collect.  Again don’t worry.  All we simply need is your site induction record, a couple of lifting plans with the briefing sheets (and your name on it), some tool box talk records, some lifting check sheets and records of thorough examinations to be prepared in advance of our visit to you.
    • By now, we will have arranged a time to come and observe you at work undertaking lifting duties.  We will aim to be with you early morning and depending upon how quickly you wish to get through your qualification will determine how long is spent on site with you observing lift operations.  Again, in advance we will have sent you a list of the types of lifts we need to observe you undertaking.  We will also use this time to sit and go through your knowledge requirements which we will do through written questions or recorded professional discussion.  Its not unknown for the qualification to be totally wrapped up on the day we visit!
    • If there is any outstanding evidence needed then we will let you know and arrange a time to come back and collect this.
    • Quick delivery of the NVQ – We want you finished within 3 months MAX!  Thats correct, we don’t want you hanging around on your NVQ, so we deem this our responsibility to work closely with you to get it completed.
    • Payment can be a one off payment or depending how quickly you plan to get through your qualification we can split the cost over 3 payments or for when a number of units are complete and you are ready to move onto the next.  Either way, we are flexible.
    • Pain and hassle free by Simpleducks!
    • You can call us on 02089988825, or visit

Locations include London, South Coast, South West, North West, Manchester, Teesside & Newcastle Upon Tyne.



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