How does SPA work?

Safety Pass Alliance work with Employers, Employer Associations, Trade Unions, National Trading Organisations and other relevant bodies to design and develop training programmes tailored to suit each sector or industry.

SPA have over 120 independent training providers offering a wide range of SPA courses. Simpleducks operate predominately in London W5, the South of England and the North East.  Each delegate attends an industry specific course with one of the training providers.

Most courses are 2 day duration consisting of a first day “Core” course which acts as an introduction to health & safety. The second day is sector specific which has been designed by the respective industry.

The pass mark for all courses is 80%.  After attending the Core and Sector days a new passport is issued showing the training that an individual has attended and completed successfully. This is shown on the passport by sector icons.

Simpleducks offer the following SPA courses:

Core Day
food and drink Petrol Retail For CSCS Level 1
Core Day Course Food & Drink & Refresher Petrol Retail & Refresher Core Construction for Level 1 CSCS

SPA recognise that many individuals will hold other qualifications which would mean their previous training would overlap with the content of the first SPA Core day. With this in mind, SPA in conjunction with the Sector do recognise many of these qualifications and will allow an individual an exemption from the Core day training course where the sector states a 2 day programme.

Each sector has a one day refresher course as part of the agreed programme. A new passport is issued on successful completion of the refresher course.

What do successful Delegates get?

A robust, secure plastic photo card, valid for three years, is given to each participant who completes the training successfully. The SPA Safety Passport, issued within 15 working days, features photo and unique identification. The Safety Passports are printed using a process which embeds the dye in the card similar to the UK driving licence. Printed cards are coated with a holocote finish to ensure the SPA Safety Passport is tamper-proof.

Benefits of the Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Ltd Scheme and training with Simpleducks?

  • Available for Employees, Contractors or Casual workers.
  • Developed by industries to create best practice throughout the sector.
  • A known standard within the sector when recruiting staff.
  • Training can be carried out in-house at your premises or at one of our dedicated training centres by our own SPA accredited Instructor.
  • Because we are a flexible organisation and service driven we quite often run training when there is only ONE person booked on the course. We know the importance of these qualifications to YOU & YOUR Clients and therefore we don’t cancel even if there is only one person attending!
  • Exemptions are given to other training where agreed by the sector. Follow this news link to see ‘exemptions’.
  • Increased safety awareness contributing to higher standards of safety performance.
  • Commonly recognised and validated standard.
  • Validation accepted in other sectors.

“We require that any Contractor employed by JET to work on a forecourt holds a valid Forecourt Passport, this gives the assurance that anyone working on our behalf has the same understanding of hazards on a forecourt and the behaviours expected of them. We would encourage all Forecourt Operators to check that anyone working on their site has a valid passport”

Russell Best, HSE Advisor, JET (Phillips 66)

“The Mineral Products sector is committed to achieving Zero Harm by providing safe and healthy workplaces for everyone involved in its activities. People who work as contractors on any of our sites are critical members of the workforce. Contractor Safety Passports provide a means by which such colleagues can be properly informed and supported to operate safely, side-by-side with our employees. Not only that, by making a commitment to Passports, the sector itself is setting a standard for everyone wishing to enter or operate on our sites. By partnering with the Safety Pass Alliance, that standard is benchmarked to other sectors that share our commitment to Zero Harm”

Phil James, Chief Executive, Mineral Products Qualification Council

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