Skilled trades pay rates hit £1000+ a week in the Midlands!!

Self-employed construction workers in the West Midlands have seen their average pay rates break through the £1,000-a-week barrier.

December data from workplace audit and CIS specialist Hudson Contract saw average weekly pay rates in the West Midlands of £1,023 – outstripping London at £930.

Annual data for 2018 saw average weekly earnings for freelance workers up 6.7% to £932 a week.

Hudson Contract Managing Director Ian Anfield said: “Construction companies need to be flexible in order to remain competitive.

“So the fact that skilled trades people such as plasters, joiners, scaffolders and bricklayers are commanding significantly more than this time last year is an excellent indicator of economic growth.

“The West Midlands has been buoyant for some time, and it now looks like the North East has started to play catch up.”

Anfield said freelance workers with similar skills earned 20% more than those on PAYE.

Looking at the year ahead he said: “As always, there is plenty of chatter about skills shortages and Brexit.

“But ultimately, highly skilled freelancers will continue to demand – and achieve – increasing rates of pay.

“In contrast employees are held back by uncertainty of employers and poor increases negotiated by unions under collective agreements.

“Rather than seeing £1,000-a-week tradesmen as a problem, if the CEO of a housebuilder is worth £75m pounds a year, surely freelancers who actually deliver the product are worth at least £50,000 each.

“We look forward to the day when the average weekly rate for freelance brickies, joiners, and plasterers hits £1,000 – they are more than worth it for the benefits they bring.”

Are you looking to get into the Electrical Industry and get paid more?

If you want work in the industry as an electrical labourer then you simply need to attend the One Day  Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Core H & S Course and obtain a reference from an employer or agency confirming you work in the industry.

 This is a great way for students to make money during their time off!!

ECS Give you the following three options:

  • CCNSG Safety Passport – National Course or Renewal Course
  • IOSH Working Safely – (IOSH Approved Centre Classroom Invigilated Exam ONLY) (this means it cannot be a distance learning or online course – it is a classroom course).
  • Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Core H & S Course.  This is the course we deliver.  Go to the booking page here.

These qualifications are accepted as a 3-year exemption from the ECS HS&E Assessment. If you have gained one of these qualifications within the last three years, you will not need to sit the ECS assessment separately when you apply for the new style of card, until the next point of renewal.


Hold a JIB-approved electrical theory qualification and the ECS HS&E Assessment.

  • Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Core H & S Course London.  This is the course we deliver.

Safety Pass Alliance (S.P.A Core Day)

It is a one day course and we have moved considerably away from delivering this course purely by powerpoint instead opting for more practical exercises to really promote learning.

We deliver this course, every Wednesday here in Ealing, West London for the open course and if you are an employer and have a large number of people to train, we can come to you at a discounted cost.

The safety passport card takes a MAXIUM of 10 working days to arrive (which is quicker than the other options) so this allows you to plan.  In most cases, it arrives well before that time.

The cost of the course is £138.00+vat

Again, The Safety Passport Alliance (SPA) Core H & S Course London, open course is here in West London.

The maximum people we can train at one time is 20.  If you would like Simpleducksto deliver the course at your premises then this is not problem, please call usfor prices as we offer a discounted price for groups.

You can book online at – go to the training page, find a date and book.  All links are below or call on 02089988825.

You can also go to to see further recommendations from previous candidates who have attended our training courses.

Further details are available on our website.  I hope this helps.  If this video was a help then please give us a like or share it with someone who might need it.

  • IOSH Working Safely


  1. IOSH is a great organisation and the course itself is very good.
  2. IOSH have a good vetting procedure to ensure the trainers delivering their courses are up to date with the latest legislation, laws, best practice and relevant professional work experience etc.
  3. The trainers also have to be registered with IOSH at Tech Level which is really good for routing out all those dodgy back street training companies.


  1. Course providers are given a time period to submit details of their candidates back to IOSH and the time taken can become excessive, particularly when you cannot gain the ECS Card until you’ve uploaded your certificate onto My ECS.  This can take a number of weeks for certificates to arrive
  • CCNSG Safety Passport – National Course or Renewal Course

It is a 2 day course, with lots of participation, however there arnt  many providers in the South offering it.  You will receive (only if you ask for it),a temporary card which can be uploaded onto ECS but it is only valid for around 6 weeks and if your full card has not arrived after this point then you could have some technical issues with the validilityof your ECS card.  But, if you are not in a rush and wanting to work in the Allied Industries then this is probably the best route for you.

  • CCNSG Renewal
  • The CCNSG Renewal Course is designed as a one day refresher course.  It is for those who have already passed the CCNSG National Course.  This has to be taken within three months of the Safety passport expiry date.  If it is not taken within the specified time, then the two day CCNSG National Course will have to be retaken.


In this section below we have all the resources needed:

Our home page is,

This is the booking page

Here is the link to My ECS

Go to the support section of our website for the FREE Reference download: Support

The next video to help you with “MY ECS’ is available here on Tuesday 18th September 2018:

Have a look at our recommendations at Course Check choose FIND a DATE and BOOK.

Should you need any further information then either call: 02089988825 or email me at



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