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1 Day SPA/UKPIA Petrol Retail – Forecourt Contractor Safety Passport Renewal


Simpleducks provide the 1 Day renewal course for those who have previously completed the 2-day SPA/UKPIA Petrol Retail – Forecourt Contractors course. This course will refresh the delegates knowledge of basic health and safety information and their understanding of the risks specifically associated with working on a Petrol Filling Station. This refresher course must be taken within 3 months of the expiry date on the existing Safety Passport.

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The UKPIA/SPA Petrol Retail – Forecourt Contractors Renewal course is covered in one full day and will allow delegates to renew their Safety Passport for another 3 years. It provides the same benefits as the 2-day course:
  • Delegates will have the correct training for working on UK Petrol Stations, in line with your insurance policies.
  • It is valid for 3 years.
  • It provides delegates with the understanding of how they can personally influence good standards within health and safety and the environment.
  • Provides and understanding of the value of risk assessment and the knowledge to recognise when changes to a generic assessment are required.
  • Understand the common hazards associated with working in the petrol forecourt.


The 1-day UKPIA/SPA Petrol Retail – Forecourt Contractor renewal course will allow contractors to continue to work within the busy petrol forecourt environment with the assurance that they are fully compliant with and understand the many health and safety hazards associated with their work.

This course will also cover any relevant law changes and new best practices in the industry. 


This course is for those who have previously completed the 2-day UKPIA/SPA Petrol Retail – Forecourt Contractor course and wish to renew their Safety Passport for a further 3 years. There is a 6-month window for which the course can be taken as illustrated in the example below:

Delegate 2-day course completion date: 1st September 2018 Delegate’s passport expiry: 1st September 2021 The delegate will need to complete the refresher course between: 1st March 2021 (6 months prior to expiry) 1st September 2021 (expiry date on Safety Passport) Delegate renewed passport expiry date: 1st September 2024


The course consists of one full day, split into two parts:
Part 1 –Core training refresher : The first part of the day will re-cap delegates understanding of basic health and safety legislation. It will re-cover the 6 core modules taught on the initial course including: Organising for Safety, The workplace, Tools, Plant and Machinery, Health, Procedures and Environment.

Part 2 – SPA / UKPIA Petrol Retail – Forecourt Contractors refresher : The second part of the day will refresh delegates knowledge of the following modules:
Module 1: Hazards on a Petrol Filling Station
Module 2: Controlling Work on a Forecourt


A variety of assessments are undertaken throughout the day to ensure delegates are keeping up with the training. This is because here at Simpleducks, we feel strongly about ensuring candidates are not left behind for any reason. We also reinforce learning with relevant practical exercises where possible. 

Passport cards take 10 working days following the completion of the refresher course and are valid for 3 years (the date will remain the same on your Passport and only the year of expiry will change – please see example above).

Additional Info

This refresher course must be taken within 3 months of the expiry date on the existing Safety Passport. The current SPA renewal guidelines allowing renewals up to 3 months after the expiry date DOES NOT APPLY to the Petrol Retail qualifications.

If your Safety Passport has already expired, you will be required to take the full 2-day course again (please follow the link to the full course [INSERT LINK])

Please note: you will be required to bring your existing Safety Passport to the course.