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2 Day - SPA Food & Drink Passport

Safety Passport Alliance Courses
We offer the SPA Food and Drink Passport course which is a 2-day course enabling those working within the food and drink industry to build on the knowledge and gain training on many aspects such as food hygiene, environmental concerns and health and safety. At Simpleducks, we feel it is imperative that all delegates are trained to a standard that ensures health and safety throughout the sector and to understand the implications when those standards are not met.

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The SPA Food and Drink Passport course is covered across 2 days and provides a number of benefits:
  • The course meets the statutory requirements of the HSE.
  • The qualification will improve your chances of gaining employment in the food and drink industry.
  • Provides your employer with the assurance that you are competent and understand the standards required to work within the sector.
  • It will enable you to understand how you as an individual can help to maintain safety standards and reduce accidents on site. 


The course consists of two days:- Day 1 – Core training day: The first day will enable delegates to grasp the basic general principles surrounding health and safety and the best practices. (Exemptions to the core day may apply depending on current qualifications – please see additional information for details)

Day 2 – Food sector-specific day: The second day is specific to the food and drink industry and will cover the following 3 core modules: 

1- Food Protection

This module gives delegates the knowledge of how to protect food from the many potential risks such as contamination and also provides an understanding of how personal hygiene and adequate PPE (personal protective clothing) can help to reduce/eliminate those risks.

2- Environmental Protection

This module will equip delegates with the understanding of environmental requirements; both current and future. It will look at the damage to the environment i.e. air, water and land pollution, and the anti-pollution controls in place. It also covers waste management in regards to disposal.

3- Health & Safety

Although general health and safety are covered on day 1, this module is specific to the health and safety standards within the food and drink industry. It gives an insight into the possible hazards and the control measures used to continually reduce the risks. 


The SPA Food and Drink Passport course is aimed at those already working within the industry and those seeking employment and can include managers, supervisors, team leaders, operators and engineers.


Both days must be attended to qualify for the (SPA) Food and Drink Passport (this does not apply to delegates exempt from day 1 – please see additional information for details). 

A variety of assessments are undertaken across the 2 days to ensure delegates are keeping up with the training. This is because here at Simpleducks, we feel strongly about ensuring candidates are not left behind for any reason. We also reinforce learning with relevant practical exercises where possible. 

Passport cards take 10 working days following the last day of the course and are valid for 3 years. Approaching expiry, a 1-day refresher course can be taken but this must be done within the 9 month window (6 months prior to expiry and up to 3 months after expiry). At Simpleducks, we provide a letter of completion as confirmation that you have passed the course on the day of completion.

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Exemption to Day 1: core training day:

The SPA passport scheme allows any delegates who have previously passed any of the following courses, AND have 3 months or more remaining, to be exempt from day 1 of the Food and Drink Passport course:

  • IOSH Working Safely
  • CCNSG Passport to Safety
  • IOSH Managing Safely
  • IOSH Supervising Safely
  • NEBOSH Certificate
  • CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme
  • CIEH Basic Health and Safety (replaced by Level2)
  • FÁS Safe Pass
  • ADT H&S module
  • NEBOSH Diploma
  • CITB Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)
  • CITB - Site Safety for Shopfitters and Interior Contractors
  • Rentokil SHE Training module

Evidence must be provided. Please note: if you have any of the above qualifications but do not feel confident or feel a refresh would be beneficial, we advise you to complete the 2-day course.